This is my current active performing group. It consists of three musicians: myself on sax plus bassist Tom Hamasu and drummer 'Slam'. If the occasion demands, the group can be easily expanded to a quartet or quintet.


We play a variety of jazz styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. Our repertoire runs the gamut, from the standards of the Great American Songbook, through modern jazz standards, and the cream of contemporary pop tunes.

Our current performance "home", Pip's on La Brea, is temporarily closed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully we will soon again hold forth every Saturday night from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Pip's will reopen as soon as it is safe for the staff, musicians, and customers. Click on the Pip's logo to check out their website for more infor.

Tom, Dave, and Slam
Trio with Shy But Flyy 05-16-2015 cropped
The DL Trio + 2

"Where There Is Hope" composed by bassist Tom Hamasu.

"Summertime" featuring guest vocalist Bobby "Hurricane" Spencer.

Note: We play many standards, but for reasons of copyright, original music is included here.

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